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Evergreen International Paper

With almost 40 years experience as a Converter, we understand the needs of the customer.

Evergreen International Paper started its first commercial production in October 2009. We provide the local market with quality paper and fast delivery time. We also export about 30% of our paper.

This is the first modern Testliner and Medium Paper mill in North Sumatera. The mill is integrated with its own power plant and waste water treatment plant. We enjoy a captive supply of local OCC (waste paper).

Care for the Environment

Our Power Plant uses highly efficient CFB boiler (up to 94% efficiency) and Extraction Turbine to achieve environmental friendly energy utilization. Our Waste Water Treatment Plant is capable of treating 6000 tons of water/day.

Infact, our effluent is cleaner than our inlet river water.

We have built this plant with utmost care for the environment. This is achieved through efficient energy utilization, powerful Electro Static Precipitator to capture dust, and advance Waste Water Treatment.


Our products comply with TAPPI quality requirement. Our laboratory is fully equipped to measure important paper quality parameters and the team is actively engaged in process control.

We use ABB Distributed Control System (DCS) to maintain process stability. The system centralizes control of process equipment, allowing us to stabilize Basis Weight and Moisture.